4 Signs Your European Automobile’s Clutch Is Going Out

If you drive a manual transmission, you know you need to worry about your clutch going out eventually. Thankfully, this part usually gives you a warning before it dies completely. TRUE Automotive works on both automatic and manual transmissions, so if you drive a European beauty that’s a stick shift, give us a call if you notice any of the following four signs of clutch problems.

The Clutch Smells and Slips

If the inner mechanisms of your vehicle’s clutch are wearing down, you may experience what’s called slipping. Slipping happens when your vehicle revs between gear shifts as if the transmission didn’t fully go into gear when you switched it from the last gear to the next one. The clutch will usually slip once you’ve released it. Commonly, you may smell burning rubber coming from the clutch, too.

You Hear Grinding

Grinding is never a good sign. This might be caused by the clutch, the transmission, or the synchronizers, which work tirelessly between all the parts to help you shift gears smoothly. Usually, you’ll hear the grinding as your vehicle struggles to go into gear. It might also feel as you’re forcing your automobile into gear and, even though it’s depressed, that the clutch isn’t helping at all. 

You Can’t Get Your Vehicle Into Gear

Another sign you’ve got problems brewing with your clutch is if you cannot get your automobile into gear. Perhaps you’ve fired up your European sports car and then you try to put it into first, but even though the clutch goes down and you felt the catch, the car will not actually go into first. This is usually a problem between the master and slave cylinder or a worn-down bearing, disc, or plate.

Something Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Finally, you know how your clutch feels, and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. Over time, the clutch pedal parts will wear down and your clutch might feel as if it’s “fading,” i.e. falling to the floor easily without your help. If your clutch does not feel right to you, it’s a good idea to have it inspected. The longer you wait to make sure everything is okay the more parts could fail.

As we mentioned above, TRUE Automotive in Marietta, GA, works on manual transmissions in European automobiles. We can test your clutch and adjust or replace it depending on the problem. You can set up an appointment by calling us at 770-214-4688.

Photo by Irman from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro