5 Must-Dos Prior to Your Family’s Road Trip

Road trips are fun, right? Well, not if you aren’t prepared and/or your car breaks down. You don’t need to listen to your kids whine, deal with your teenagers’ attitudes, and hear the “I told you so” from your spouse. Do these five things before you hit the road to make sure your road trip is the best ever.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Plan your trip a million different ways before you head out. Well, not a million but know your route and plan alternate routes just in case something goes awry on the most direct route. Stay on top of accidents and traffic by plugging the route into your GPS before you leave and activating your traffic alerts. Make a plan for frequent stops, too, so the family can get out of the car and move around.

Do a Tire Check

Check your tire tread to make sure you have enough throughout your entire road trip. Also, check to see if the tread is wearing down unevenly. If either are true, get a new set of tires before your road trip to avoid blowouts or other problems. If you’re overdue for a balance and rotation service, have that done. Also, bring along a tire pressure gauge and keep the tires inflated properly throughout the trip.

Check the Fluids

If any fluid (or filter, for that matter) service is due, get the services done prior to your trip. Keep a gallon of coolant and a quart of motor oil in your trunk during the trip and check fluids before you leave and while you’re traveling. Your vehicle’s fluids help keep the engine, brake system, and transmission cool. If you’re traveling in the summer, make sure to have the AC refrigerant checked, too.

Replace the Wiper Blades

You might be able to forget this step if your wiper blades are new but if they aren’t, even if you’re traveling in the summer, replace the blades. You may need to use them wash your windshield after you drive through a bug swarm (check your washer cleaner level, too). Or, you might get stuck in a summer storm. You never know what can happen and a clean windshield means safer driving.

Inspect the Battery

Check your vehicle’s battery to make sure it don’t die on you during your trip. There is a sticker on the battery that tells you hold old it is. If the sticker reads 05/15, your battery is five years old and on the verge of death. Other signs of battery trouble include corrosion or a film on top of the battery and a bulging battery case. Don’t start on your trip without a new battery if you see any of this.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay