5 Reasons Why People Dread Driving Over Thanksgiving Weekend

If you’re like many, you dread commuting anywhere over Thanksgiving weekend, but you likely get in the car and head out anyway because you’re looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with your extended family. No matter how long you drive, whether all day or just a few hours, the roads are dangerous over this annual holiday weekend. TRUE Automotive lists five reasons why people dread the drive below.

1. Traffic

Thanksgiving weekend equals traffic. More cars are on the road this weekend than at any other time of the year. Congested highways and inclement weather in some parts of the country add up to roadways filled with angry and frustrated drivers. Between this and all of the distractions inside and outside of the cars, you’ll hear more about automobile accidents on the radio than you will music or the news.

2. Alcohol

Let’s be completely honest. Many people start drinking on Thanksgiving Eve and don’t stop until Sunday. This is dangerous, especially for those who are driving home throughout the weekend. Thanksgiving begins the holiday drinking-and-driving season, and many people dread making trips anywhere until long after New Year. Who can blame them? The statistics support how dangerous this season is.

3. Black Friday

What? No really. Black Friday not only puts a ton of drivers on the road whether you’re traveling or not but also turns them into bargain-crazed lunatics. People are on missions and those missions have nothing to do with paying attention to their driving. Trying to get in and out of parking lots, finding parking spaces, fighting over goods inside the store… yep. Black Friday equals bad tempers and driving.

4. Exhaustion

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and gratitude but it’s also a time for exhaustion. If you think about it, you’re pretty much on the run from Wednesday to Sunday, especially if you cook the meal and add Black Friday shopping to your weekend to-do list. Many drivers find themselves in a holiday-induced coma as they drive back home and this puts a lot of people at risk on the road.

5. Car Trouble

What nobody wants added to their to-do list is car trouble, but many people end up breaking down during the holiday commutes for one reason or another. Common issues include running out of gas, flat tires, and overheating. Make sure your car is ready for the Thanksgiving road trip before you leave so you don’t have to dread the drive as much as you would if you didn’t have confidence in your vehicle.

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Photo by Mheim3011 from Getty Images viaCanva Pro