5 Signs You’ve Got Emissions Problems With Your European Automobile

European automobiles are known for fuel-efficiency and handling. You might be surprised to learn that your vehicle’s emissions system can affect these two things. If the system has problems, you’ll notice it. TRUE Automotive can help, as we service and repair vehicle emissions systems. If you’ve noticed one or more of the following five things, consider bringing your car, crossover, or truck in for an inspection.

Acceleration Noises

You should not hear your engine get really loud or rattle when you step on the gas. If you do, you probably have a hole or other problem in your muffler or issues with the exhaust pipes. These issues could also be holes, leaks, or other damage. In some cases, the unusual noises during acceleration could also be your transmission, so it’s a good idea to have the noise checked out ASAP.

Check Engine Warning

Your vehicle’s exhaust system does not have a warning light of its own, so the onboard computer turns on the check engine light if there’s a problem. Common reasons why the check engine light comes on that are related to the exhaust system include the catalytic converter going bad or the oxygen sensor dying. A check engine light warning can mean serious trouble, so pull over and call for a tow.

Power Loss and Vibration

Leaks in the exhaust system can cause your automobile to lose power suddenly. You may also feel your car, crossover, or truck vibrate. The problem with this exhaust system trouble is that it is also a symptom of fuel, ignition, and transmission system problems among other things. You shouldn’t feel your vehicle vibrate when you’re driving or when you stop, nor should you lose power unexpectedly.

Strange Odors

Because your exhaust system is responsible for treating and removing engine exhaust, there can be a smell associated with the problem. For example, if your check engine light comes on and you suddenly smell rotten eggs, your catalytic converter is failing. If you smell gas inside the cabin, there is a serious and dangerous issue that could introduce carbon monoxide into the cabin’s air.

Fuel-Efficiency Hit

Finally, a reduction in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency could be a sign that your exhaust system isn’t working as it should be. As with some of the other signs on our list, this can also indicate problems in other vehicle systems. Your gas mileage should be about the same between each fill-up. If it changes suddenly and you find yourself filling up more often, something is wrong.

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Photo by JoeBelanger from Getty Images viaCanva Pro