Advantages That Come With a Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions are getting harder to come by because most people enjoy the convenience of an automatic transmission. One isn’t better than the other necessarily, but manual transmissions do come with a set of advantages preferable to some drivers. TRUE Automotive services and repairs both transmission types, so it doesn’t matter to us what you drive. Still, if you’re considering a manual transmission yet remain on the fence, here are some advantages to help you make your decision.

Control That Is Fun

If you are a control freak, and we all are to a certain extent, you might prefer a manual transmission. An automatic transmission does everything for you; all you have to do is put the car in gear. You shift the gears with a manual transmission, and this gives you better control over the transmission and, for many, makes driving more fun. The added control can also be used to your advantage. You can downshift quickly when you need extra power and also slow down your vehicle to preserve your brake pads.

Less Expensive Sticker Prices

If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider a manual transmission over an automatic one while you’re browsing for a new car on the lot or online. Vehicles with manual transmissions cost less than vehicles with automatic transmissions do, so buying a manual will save you money. Manufacturing differences between the two transmission types allow manufacturers to charge less for automobiles equipped with manual transmissions, which helps those who can’t drop a ton of money on a car.

Less Expensive Maintenance and Repairs

This savings carries over into the transmission’s costs for maintenance and repair, as well. Manual transmissions have fewer parts and use less automation to shift a car, truck, or utility vehicle. This means you’ll pay less for preventative maintenance on the manual transmission and less to repair it. This works well, again, for those on a budget and for those who simply do not want to spend on a lot of money on vehicle maintenance. It also works well when repairs become necessary. The repair bill won’t hurt your finances quite as much as it would if you drive an automatic.

Of course, preventative maintenance can help you avoid automotive repairs, including those to your vehicle’s transmission. Call TRUE Automotive in Marietta, GA, at 770-214-4688 to schedule your automobile’s next transmission service. We are a full-service automotive shop with an emphasis on European makes and models.

Photo by JCOLL from Getty Images viaCanva Pro