European Automobiles Offer Drivers Some Fantastic Perks

TRUE Automotive specializes in European automobile repair and preventative maintenance. We love European automotive engineering and the amazing machines it brings to the States. We love domestic automobiles, too, but there’s something about jumping into a BMW or a Porsche and hitting the open road that just can’t be beat. Probably because European automobiles are designed for speed and handling, and this is just one of the many perks they offer their drivers.

Size and Aerodynamics

Part of what makes a European automobile fun to drive on the open road is its size. European automobiles are generally smaller than domestic vehicles and their smaller size makes them aerodynamic. These vehicles hug the road like race cars, although we don’t recommend you driving them like one unless you don’t mind a speeding ticket. Yeah, we don’t want one, either.


Of course, because of their size and aerodynamics, many drivers report that handling a European automobile is much easier than driving an Asian or domestic vehicle. In fact, European automobiles are known for their handling, because over in Europe – especially in Germany – the drivers are allowed to drive a little bit faster than we are in many places. Add driving The Autobahn to your bucket list!


Europeans are not like Americans when it comes to transportation. We practically live in our cars, trucks, and SUVs, driving everywhere and even taking family vacations in them. Europeans favor public transport, mopeds, and economy cars, and one reason why is that there can be a marked difference between fuel costs over there and over here. As such, European automobiles are very fuel-efficient.

Another way European automobiles are economical is in some of their maintenance and repair costs. Many European automobiles still have manual transmissions in them instead of automatic transmissions. To give you the bottom line: manual transmissions cost less to maintain and repair. Plus, when you couple them with the handling, a stick shift makes the European automobile a blast to drive.


Finally, European automobiles became popular in the States because they’re sporty and drop-dead gorgeous. Many people prefer to drive European because they love the looks of the car or crossover. Plus, when you take into account that many European automobiles are manufactured in the United States, you don’t feel bad buying European instead of domestic. You’re supporting jobs in America.

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Photo by Volker Kannacher from Getty Images / Canva Pro