How The Georgia Heat Affects Your Tires

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Here in Georgia, we love our climate. Georgia enjoys all seasonal changes, yet the summers are hot, hot, hot! And we love every bit of it. However, like anything else, you must prepare and take precautions to use the proper maintenance schedules to withstand your area’s climate. Your car is no exception. Just as you winterize your home and car, your must also prepare your car for severe summer temperatures. Additionally, regardless of whether you commute or must travel long distances in the summer months, your car should be maintained in order to withstand the heat.

Tire Pressure

Extreme heat can cause short and long-term damage to your tires. Especially if your tires may already be somewhat worn out by everyday wear and tear. Let’s face it, your tires don’t stay new forever. Therefore, when you combine your commute, errands and just everyday life with driving in extreme Georgia heat, the recipe is one calling for trouble. Heat is more damaging to your tire than cold weather because pressure builds up and can cause a blowout. Although we love our southern summers, please heed this information and take it seriously. Routine tire checks at True Automotives will let you know if they need rotating, check your spares for safety, check tire pressure, and get them aligned, plus more.

Checking your tire pressure, especially in extreme heat, is important because the heat will cause your tires to heat up and lose pressure fast. Eventually, this can lead to a dangerous conditions where your tire is susceptible to blow outs. Do not neglect a tire check during your routine maintenance or oil change.

Dry Rot

Another effect of excessive heat is dry rot. Dry rot can cause tires to lose pressure in tires faster than usual. Dry rot may or may not be visible, however, if it is visible it is already progressed to a dangerous point. Take your car to get checked. True Automotives can change your tire to ensure quality and safety.


During the summer when your your tires are susceptible to low pressure, be careful on long road trips or commuting. When your tire hits a pothole, it can cause dangerous conditions where the tire may be punctured and create either a slow leak or an immediate blow out. Do not replace with used tires that do not meet safety standards. As you continue to enjoy the last months of summer stop by and check out True Automotive for all your car repair needs in Marietta.

Image by MikesPhotos from Pixabay