New Year’s Resolutions That Show Your Car How Much You Love It

As we ring in 2021, let’s make some resolutions that will benefit our automobiles. You rely on your car, truck, crossover, or SUV every day, and it’s time to show it how much you appreciate it. You can shower your vehicle with affection by getting it a long-overdue detailing service, but you should also resolve to treat your vehicle with tender loving care all year long. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that will benefit both you and your car, and TRUE Automotive can even help with some of them.

I Resolve to Accelerate More Slowly

When you punch the accelerator from a dead stop you damage your car. Sure, it’s fun to floor it, but you blast through a ton of gasoline each time you do this, and you also place unnecessary stress on your vehicle’s drivetrain components. Replacing the drivetrain can cost thousands of dollars, so resolve to start from stops slowly and don’t slam down the accelerator to speed up unless you absolutely have to.

I Resolve to Apply the Brakes With Ease

Slamming on the brakes each time you need to stop also causes damage. Braking hard wears down the brake pads prematurely and can also warp the rotors. It’s less expensive to replace the brake pads than to replace the brake pads and the rotors. Resolve to give yourself plenty of stopping distance whenever you can so you can ease down on the brake pedal to slow and stop your automobile.

I Resolve to Control My Road Rage

When you drive angry, you not only open yourself up to a greater chance of getting into an accident, but you also drive more aggressively. Angry driving will make you slam down on the accelerator to speed up and slam on the brakes when you need to stop. If you have a problem with road rage, resolve to find some resources to help you deal with your anger. Your vehicle will thank you for it.

I Resolve to Leave on Time

Even if you don’t drive angry, constantly leaving late will also make you drive aggressively. Zero-to-60 in however-many seconds, vehicles flying on racetracks, and even the maximum speed reflected on your odometer are all things that are designed to influence you to buy a car; they don’t mean you should actually do them. Resolve to give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go.

I Resolve to Stick to the Maintenance Schedule

Finally, resolve to keep your vehicle maintained in 2021. This is not only good for your automobile; it’s also good for you. Preventative maintenance replaces filters, fluids, and parts before they breakdown completely and cause damage. Maintenance doesn’t cost nearly as much as the repairs will if you fail to stick to your vehicle’s factory-scheduled services, so make a resolution to maintain your car.

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