Preventative Maintenance

If you want your current set of wheels to last, you need to treat it right. When you care for your car, truck or SUV, your vehicle will return the favor, gifting you with many miles of trouble-free service.If, on the other hand, you neglect your preventative maintenance schedule and hope for the best, you are likely to suffer a premature, and possibly very expensive, breakdown. If you do not want this to happen, you need to take your Marietta auto maintenance needs very seriously.

Regular Oil Changes & Auto Maintenance

preventative auto maintenance

If there is one piece of preventative maintenance that rises above all the others, it is the need for regular oil changes. Without regular oil changes, the impurities inside your engine quickly build-up, fouling the valves and causing other expensive problems.

Over time, the oil coursing through your engine begins to break down, losing its lubricating properties and putting the delicate components inside at risk. By changing the oil at the recommended intervals, typically every 3,000 to 5,.000 miles, you maintain these lubricating qualities and help your engine run stronger and longer. At TRUE Automotive, we provide the oil change services you need, giving you not just brand new oil but a new top-quality filter as well.

Tire Rotations for Longer Tread Life

Even a budget set of tires can set you back hundreds of dollars, and before you know it, the tread is worn beyond salvation. If you want your tire tread to last, you need to care for your tires the right way, and that starts with regular rotation.

Rotating your tires allows them to wear more evenly, extending the tread life and helping you stay safer behind the wheel. At TRUE Automotive, we can provide the tire rotation services you need, and we can keep you and your vehicle on the right track.

Fluid Checks and Top-Offs

Every piece of preventative maintenance is important, from routine oil changes and coolant flushes to tire rotations and balancing. But there are other preventative maintenance services you should be performing, and TRUE Automotive can help with those as well.

We can provide the routine fluid checks and top-offs your vehicle needs, so you can drive away in safety and confidence. We can also look for leaks you might have missed, so you can protect your vehicle and other Marietta area drivers. Just give us a call today to schedule your next service – we will keep you on schedule and ensure your vehicle is properly protected.

Headlight Restoration

People don’t often think about their headlights. However, when your headlight covers are dirty, it can affect your visibility when driving at night. Here at TRUE Automotive, we restore headlight covers so they look new again and make visibility much better. We recommend taking a look at your headlights when you get other Marietta preventative maintenance done on your vehicle.

Auto Maintenance Marietta, GA

For all of your preventative auto maintenance needs in Marietta, GA, True Automotive is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.