What Are the Advantages of Synthetic Oil for My European Automobile?

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You already know this but it bears repeating: Your European automobile is a very special machine. There are many things that make driving European vehicles superior to Asian or domestic brands and, as such, your European automobile needs special oil to ensure it always runs at its best. Synthetic motor oil is often the better choice for these vehicles than conventional American motor oil. Let’s unpack this to see why we here at TRUE Automotive often recommend synthetic at every oil change.


Emissions regulations are stricter in the European Union than they are in the United States. This is one reason why many European makes and models are diesel. Diesel engines produce fewer CO2 emissions than gasoline engines do, and they use special filters to reduce NOx and PM emissions, too. Synthetic is better than conventional oil when it comes to protecting European vehicle emissions control systems.

Oil Changes

You probably already know this benefit but just in case you didn’t, you don’t have to have your motor oil changed as often when you put synthetic in your car. Generally, European cars, trucks, and UVs don’t have to have their oil changed until they’ve driven 10,000 miles. This duration might be shorter or longer depending on your European make and model. The reason why is explained in the next benefit.


Synthetic motor oil is cleaner and has special additives designed to make it last longer. The reason why is simple: synthetic is manmade and conventional is extracted from the ground. When manufacturers produce synthetic motor oil, they purify it and include special additives designed to make the oil retain its viscosity longer and protect engine parts better. This oil is superior to its natural counterpart.

For example, this motor oil type can withstand extreme temperatures better, and although we don’t have extreme temperatures here in Marietta, GA, you might travel to the southwest or north where you’ll need that added protection. If you live in an area with frigid winters, this motor oil will not succumb to the freezing temperatures as quickly and easily as conventional oil will.

Because it has additives designed to help it protect engine parts better, synthetic oil is also recommended for high-performance vehicles, such as European makes and models, and high-mileage automobiles. No matter what you drive, it makes sense to protect your engine as best you can, and synthetic oil does a better job of it. Unfortunately for conventional oil, it’s just that simple.

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